Dangerous Tree Removals

As trees get more mature they can out grow the space they are inhabiting and may need to be removed. Diseases may also be a factor in deciding whether a tree must be taken down. Our skilled team are qualified to assess and perform removals of trees of any size that need removal.

Pruning and Reduction

Trees can last many decades if managed correctly during their life span. Procedures such as crown thinning, limb reduction and pruning can maintain the size and shape of a tree and with this careful management trees will live healthy and will be less likely to become dangerous risks. Our team is fully equipped to maintain all types of trees with the aforementioned techniques.

Habitat Preservation and Creation

We feel strongly here at N Vaughan Tree Services that our woodlands should be preserved and extended as much as possible. Our new technique of habitat creation can lessen environmental impact and is an alternative to removals.

Site Clearing

We have all the necessary equipment and machinery to carry out large site clearences of trees and stumps. We provide full removal of woodchip and timber and leave sites in perfect condition for new builds or projects.

24 Hour Emergency Callouts

With the inscrease of storms and unpredictable weather systems of late our team is ready to help with storm damaged trees and other emergency situations.

Roadside Clearences

Roadside trees can be a big problem for landowners as they can be a risk to the public. Our team has the necessary equipment and traffic management plans to safely perform these operations. Both removals and reductions can provide peace of mind to dangerous roadside trees.