Coillte Sláintiúil provides the following Woodland management solutions:

Habitat Installation & Preservation

Coillte Slaintiuil is getting involved in a new arm of arboriculture where we install artificial shelter and housing for the use of native wildlife especially birds. Unlike externally-attached nest boxes, ours are cut into stems and branches, giving a more natural finish that is better insulated and less obvious to predators. It has a variety of applications, and can be targeted at specific wildlife species.

Our new technique of habitat creation can lessen environmental impact and is an alternative to removals.

Our aim is to protect and replace habitat that is being lost, for the benefit of our native wildlife as well as our tree population.




New Habitat


Birdbox installation

Tree Pruning & Removal

Large and small trees need maintenance to keep them in top condition and to keep the forest healthy. Routine work carried out by our trained tree surgeons can not only extend their life span but also keep them in good health. Some trees may need to be removed due to ill health or if they pose a danger to the public or property.

For more tree surgery solutions please go to NVTS

Invasive Species & Diesase Control

There are many invasive species that are a threat to biodiversity in Ireland. Japanese Knotweed and Rhododendron ponticum are some of the most destructive threats affecting Irish woodlands right now. Our aim is to monitor and contain these types of plants with effective treatments.

Laurel is another common species that has a tendency to dominate forests with it’s rapid growth and we have experience in removing large amounts of laurel in forests.


Honey Fungus


Invasive Species


Deadwood Tree